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Author Deedee Cuddihy had no idea people in the UK were so passionate about scones until she began research for "I Scones". Having been born and raised in a sconeless country (the USA), she was bowled over by the emotional connection the people she interviewed had with these humble lumps of baked dough.

"I Scones" is a veritable scone-ucopia of hundreds of hilarious and touching bite-size sconecdotes, top tier sconetent from the internet and print media as well as fascinating scone facts and scone jokes.

Read about: sacred scones in a Hare Krishna temple; whether scones are truly the way to a man's (or woman's) heart; fruit scone refuseniks and the great jam or cream first debate.

In fact, I love scones but mine tend to turn out flat and hard rather than deep and pillowy! I suffer from scone envy in respect of those who can make decent scones.

Baroness Young of Old Scone