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Having previously tackled haggis, Irn Bru and Tunnock's Tea Cakes in her Funny Scottish Books series, author Deedee Cuddihy wondered what she should focus on next. "F*** it!" she said "What about swearing?"

Several months of intensive research followed which found the Glasgow-based writer lurking on street corners, buses and trains, notebook in hand, surreptitiously jotting down many of the expletive-laden remarks that people made to each other - either face to face or on their phones (and sometimes to the world in general) - often at top volume, fortunately.

The result is "Scottish Swearing" featuring full-on swear words, entry-level playground swearing, the substitutes people use for swear words and some x-rated graffiti.

NOTE: If you find anything in this book offensive, please complain as it could help to boost sales.